When you’re broken


Wake up to a sunny day
Not cloud up in the sky
And then it starts to rain
My defenses hit the ground
And they shatter all around
So open and exposed
But I find strenght in the struggle
Face to face with my troubles

When you’re broken
In a million little pieces
And your tryin
But you can’t hold on anymore
Every tear falls down for a reason
Don’t you stop believin in your self
When you’re broken…………………….

Little girl don’t be so blue
I know what you going through
Don’t let you beat you up
Hitti’n walls and getting scars
Only makes you who are
No matter how much your heart is aching
There is beauty in the breaking
Better days are gonna find you once again
Every piece will find it’s place
When you’re broken………………………..


4 Responses

  1. salam.. apa khabar…

  2. wsalam ijad..
    saya pernah ke laman sdra..dulu dulu ler..
    byk gambar masjid kan?
    tq kerana sudi singgah sini …

  3. broken apa plak ni

  4. broken heart..broken window
    broke lama lama jadi beruk hahhaha!

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